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Award-winning author and integrative health-care researcher Dawson Church explains that we each have the ability to connect with the field of infinite intelligence innate in energy—offering vast possibilities for healing.

The big picture in emerging research is that energy builds matter. We know that we are immersed in energy fields, from Earth’s magnetic field to the fields produced by the hearts of the people closest to us. We know that our organs have fields and our cells have fields.

These fields change in response to intention and the activity of the healer—and that healer can be us.

We know that disease shows up in a person’s energy field before it becomes evident at the level of matter and that the water that makes up our bodies is sensitive to the energy fields around it.

We know that sound frequencies change matter and that even the act of observing subatomic particles can change their behavior.

Finally, we see that when energy is applied with the intention of healing, matter often flows. Ancient healing systems such as acupuncture, as well as modern variants such as EFT, all show the effect of energy on our cells.

More than a thousand studies of energy healing show that it is effective for both psychological conditions (i.e. anxiety and depression) and physical symptoms, including pain and autoimmune diseases.

Although science used to regard energy fields as epiphenomena of matter, the evidence now suggests that matter is an epiphenomenon of energy. The implication for healing is that when we change our energy fields, the cells of our material bodies respond.

Albert Einstein understood the relationship of energy to matter. In his famous equation E=mc2, the E stands for “energy” and the m stands for “matter.” They are in balance on opposite sides of the equation.

He wrote, “What we have called matter is energy whose vibrations have been so lowered as to be perceivable to the senses. There is no matter.”

We can choose to remain materialists. Faced with imbalances in our lives, disturbances in our emotions, and diseases in our bodies, we can look for material solutions like pills or surgery or recreational drugs to make us feel better.

We can also choose the path of energy. When people change energetically, matter follows right along. Faced with the inevitable challenges of being human, we can take Einstein’s advice and shift the E side of the equation.

Simple, broadly effective, and elegant, working at the level of energy frees us from the tyranny of matter. We address our problems at the level of cause rather than effect.

As we free our attention from fascination with matter, we perceive the intelligence innate in energy. Shifting to the level of detached consciousness opens us up to the infinite possibilities contained in the nonlocal field of infinite intelligence.

When we create in alignment with this universal non-local field, we are in touch with the field of infinite possibilities.

We are no longer bound by the limited subset of possibilities offered by matter. This interaction patterns the cells of our bodies, from water molecules to neurons, and aligns our material form with the endless possibilities in the field of infinite intelligence.

Habituating ourselves to living there, we create entirely different lives than are possible when we remain bound by the limitations of material thinking.

Putting these ideas to practice:

  • Sing a song for at least a few minutes each day when you’re alone.
  • Experience water deeply. Take a walk by a body of water, enjoy a bath, splash in a fountain. Notice the ripples and reflections.
  • Before you drink a glass of water, hold it to your heart and radiate a blessing toward it.
  • Use sound consciously. For an entire week, fast from all music other than meditation music channels.
  • Write your observations of your experiences of sound and water in your journal.

Excerpted from Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality by Dawson Church. Copyright © 2018 by Hay House.

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