Finding Ground: A Poem | Omega

Adyashanti retreat participant Megan Slobodin gifted us with this beautiful poem on soaring and groundedness. We're happy to share it here with you, too, and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Back before this Illusion we were One,
And you said "Take me on an adventure."
And thus we came into this optical illusion,
You my ground, and me your bird.

You avowed “I deeply love you, I will take care of you,
You have nothing to fear.”
And so I tried out my wings, and learned to fly,
And you watched from behind our eyes,
Felt the whistling wind, the warmth of the sun.

With each flight, each decision where to fly,
With each soaring attempt and every fall to earth,
I grew deluded, and thought I moved of my own accord.
But you were always breathing me, my heaving lungs,
And you slipped behind the flight, and I forgot to look back.

My wings are weary, I remember abandoned nests,
I remember first flights of other birds, last flights of some.
The illusion still compels, but I feel alone in the air,
I look behind and see only the vapor of my beating wings.
My flights seem empty now.

Yet as I’ve been seeking you, you have been watching for me,
And we meet again mid-flight as these wings begin to tire.
I fall back behind the flight, behind all the slip streams,
I fall back into your timeless gaze, and gain myself again.
I am learning now to fly a different way.

“You choose the flight,” I say, open to your way.
You invigorate my wings, use the wind to beckon me,
And together we soar, once again, as in the beginning,
When you were my ground, and we were One.

The flight is pure and strong and soaring,
And I do not know the destination, content only
To have fallen back into your ground, and to sail
Forward, renewed once more in the adventure.

© 2021 Megan Slobodin. Published with permission of the author.

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